Who am I? Well, I really do not want the world to know because I am very shy and retiring. My friends tell me that I live in my own little bubble and just let the real world pass me by. My friends also know that I am very gullible and believe everything I am told. That's why they call me GULLIBUBS.

I have a quirky sense of humour and hope this is coming across in my range of fun-loving designs. I have been known to paint a bit but recently I started playing with Photoshop on a computer and find the possibilities limitless.

I have a deep love of Cornwall and I also love all living creatures. Combining my love of Cornwall and wildlife I am creating a series of greeting cards featuring animals with names taken from Cornish villages and towns. Cadgwith the Cat, named after the delightful fishing village, was my first creation. This range of cards is called 'Cadgwith and Friends'. I hope you like them!



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